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Project Description
An extensive, light-weight Java library for mathematical and symbolic calculations. Features include an abstract, extensible Expression framework, arbitrary-precision calculations, algebraic expressions, calculus, and a number of discrete math packages.

  • This project is a Java library, not a stand-alone binary. It is intended to be included in other Java projects that require it.
  • This project is incomplete. Most of the currently implemented features work, some do not. I will make sure to test all features before making a release. Until then, you can download the source to use it. Also, note that packages may be substantially rearranged before the initial release.
  • Stay tuned for updates. I try to work on this almost every day (which usually ends up being about every other day). I hope to have a complete initial release by the beginning of March.

Current Features:
  • Arbitrary-precision calculations, even on transcendental functions.
  • Symbolic notation (unknowns).
  • Representation of operations themselves (Expressions).
  • Vector operations.
  • Printer for plain text.
  • Completely extensible. You can create custom:
    • ValueTypes (your own special matricies, or other representations of value).
    • Expressions (for both existing value types and new, custom ones).

Features In Development:
  • 2-D Euclidean geometry package (mathma.geo.e2d).

Planned Features:
  • Printers for verbose text and LaTeX math code.
  • Calculus operations (limits, derivatives, integrals, sums, and products).
  • Discrete Set, Sequence, Ordered Pair, Graph, and Group operations.
  • Matrix operations.

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